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What are grip seal bags?

Grip seal bags are reusable plastic bags. They feature a simple seal at the top of the bag that opens and closes with a simple squeeze, allowing the bag to be used time and time again.

The grip seal makes the bags waterproof and protects the contents from external contamination such as dust and dirt, making them very handy for storing all types of contents, from documents to haberdashery goods to nuts and bolts.

How grip seals work

The grip seal that gives the bag its name comprises a plastic strip on opposite sides of the bag’s opening. One strip features a single plastic ridge (male) running across the full width of the bag, while the other strip feature a double plastic strip (female).

The male ridge slots neatly inside the female ridge and, with a simple squeeze along its length, the seal shuts, making the bag waterproof and contamination-proof.

To open the seal, you simply take one side of the bag in your right hand (between thumb and forefinger) and the other side in your left hand, before giving both sides a gentle pull. The grip of the male and female ridges comes loose and the bag fully opens, allowing you to access or replace the contents before using the bag all over again.

Grip seal bags - what size do you need?

Also known as minigrip bags, gripper bags or self-seal bags, grip seal bags are available in a range of sizes and can cater for a wide range of contents.

Standard bag sizes start out at around 3cm x 6cm and go up to 38cm x 50cm, which means they cater for a wide range goods and products of all shapes and sizes, for either storage or transportation.

Anything from thousands of the tiniest beads or just a single pair of shoes - whatever you need to store, there is more than likely a grip seal bag that is just what you need.

The benefits of mini grip bags

Mini grip bags would be a handy addition to your house, office, garage or garden shed for a number of reasons, including:

  • They are simple to use
  • No ties or bag clips required to seal the bag
  • Protect contents from contamination
  • There is a wide range of sizes available
  • They extend the shelf life of food
  • They are freezer safe
  • They are easy to clean
  • They can be reused time after time

Specialist minigrip bags

On top of all of the standard benefits offered by regular grip seal bags (as detailed above), some specialist minigrip bags also offer particular benefits for certain uses. Some of those in question are as follows:

- Heavy duty grip seal bags - tougher bags for storing heavy, sharp or awkwardly-shaped objects, with added peace of mind that the bag won’t rip or tear

- Coloured grip seal bags - perfect for quick and simple categorisation, allowing quick and easy retrieval of stored items

- Labelled grip seal bags - write the contents of the bag on the label to remind you what’s inside

- Specimen bags - ideal for medical professionals, police officers and forensic experts alike, pop your specimen in this bag and write on the label it the attached pouch

- Antistatic bags - see detailed information below

Antistatic grip seal bags

Antistatic grip seal bags, also known as conductive grip seal bags, protect tiny electrical components from any possible damage caused by the build-up of electrostatic discharge (ESD) or static electricity.

How do antistatic grip seal bags work?

If delicate electrical components come into contact with ESD, they are at risk of permanent damage. Placing the components in an antistatic grip seal bag provides them with protection from the static electricity, as the electricity doesn’t make it past the bag itself. Instead, the antistatic grip seal bag acts as a Faraday cage, which dissipates all of the electricity, moving it around the bag layer that surrounds the component, rather than touching the component itself.

Where can I buy grip seal bags?

Manufacturers and suppliers of grip seal bags include:

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Research & Resources

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Danger! High voltage!

It has been suggested that Electric Six wrote their successful 2003 song ‘Danger! High Voltage!’ after spending a day in a room with a particularly thick shag-pile carpet.

Rumour has it that the band were putting autographed photos into grip seal bags and sending them to fan clubs around the country, when moving around on the thick carpet led to high levels of static electricity flying round the room and the inspiration for the following lyrics:

Danger! Danger! High Voltage

When we touch, when we kiss!

Danger! Danger! High Voltage

When we touch, when we kiss,

When we touch, when we kiss!

Thankfully, autographed photographs are not at risk from electrostatic discharge, so standard grip seal bags were perfectly adequate for the job in hand. However, had they been sending electronic components to their fans instead, then they would have had to use antistatic grip seal bags, otherwise it would really have been a case of “Danger! Danger!”